Wednesday, November 26, 2014

CRM for real estate agency

Simple CRM is an online CRM software optimized for real estate agencies activity.

Simple CRM is a customize online software for real estate agencies that runs in the cloud and therefore it’s accessible from any place as long as there is an Internet connection.

The fact is that real estate agents are most of the times out of their offices. Simple CRM it’s completely adapted to this situation because it has a complete compatibility with Iphone or Android/Black Berry mobile phones and also with Android PC tablets or IPad.

This compatibility is not only for consulting files from your mobile terminal but also for checking house/apartments/office availability that could interest your clients.

Simple CRM synchronize also you mobile phone contacts and your agenda with your PC/tablet. With this function you can easily transfer an important email that you can convert in sales opportunity or any other type of interaction.

How to join real estate goods with client demands via Simple CRM? 

Simple CRM has a customize module named “Centers of Interest”.

With this module you can qualify your suppliers (persons or companies that are renting or selling a property) and your clients (persons or companies willing to rent or to buy a property).

First interest centers to create are:

  • Apartment to rent
  • House to rent
  • Office to rent
  • Garage to rent
  • Etc
  • Apartment to sale 
  • House to sale
  • Office to sale
  • Etc.


  • Looking for an apartment to rent 
  • Looking for a house to rent 
  • Looking for a garage to rent etc
  • Looking for an apartment to buy
  • Looking for a house to buy
  • Etc. 

Afterwards you can introduce all those specific terms:

  • East/west etc. facades 
  • With garden
  • With pool
  • 1 bedroom
  • 2 bedrooms etc. 

Example: Mr. Smith wants to buy an apartment in Brussels region. So, you are going to create a client file and you are going to allow to his all those interest centers that are suitable for his demand.

Then you are going to search in the system all properties that correspond to his demand by selecting as criteria or search: apartment to sale, Brussels region, 3 bedrooms. The system will provide a list with all those goods that are suitable to your search. All you have to do is to open the files, to check linked documents (full description, photographs etc.).

Simple CRM for real estate agencies has also a Mass Mailing module. 

In the Centers of Interest unit create also “Inscription to newsletter” center to check.

Thanks to our Mass Mailing module you can easily communicate with your clients and you can see all related statistics: opening rate, clicking rate etc.

Newsletters are Iphone and tablet compatible.

Newsletters creation explanation video:


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